Club Rd 4 Rerun - Sun 19 Nov

Fence Up - Sat 9am

Roster Volunteers:
Starter - Greg

Grid/Weigh -
Flags -

Timing - Rachael
Quads - Various Volunteers
Upcoming Events
19 Nov Sun Club Champ - Round 4 - Re-run
2 Dec Sat Presentation Picnic Day - Avoca Beach
Racing Photos

Sports Rage and Unacceptable Behaviour

Our Club would like to remind everyone that there is a minimum standard of acceptable behaviour at all times at our Club, for everyone.

Please remember that you aren't racing for a million dollars or a sheep station ... you are racing for enjoyment.

Amongst other things, like the reputations of our Club and yourself, think about the negative affect this type of behaviour is having on the kids - it is never acceptable under any circumstances.

So to spell it out in plain english - the following types of behaviour (this is just a suggestion of some of the things and is not a complete list) will NOT be accepted and will be dealt with very harshly:

  • Swearing or abuse
  • Physical violence or threats of violence
  • Intimidation
  • Harrassment, intimidation or threats on Social Media
  • Throwing helmets or other things
  • Temper tantrums
  • Tampering with other people's equipment
  • Theft

Remember, if you have a problem then deal with it through the appropriate channels, and show the same level of respect to others that you expect to be shown to you.

The Stewards of a Race Meeting have the ability to not only issue an appropriate KA level penalty, but can also have a person/s removed from the circuit and/or call the NSW Police in, which may result in a criminal charge.

We are no longer going to accept anything less than polite, courteous, and respectful behaviour and those who ignore this warning will be penalised very harshly.

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