Club Rd 4 Rerun - Sun 19 Nov

Fence Up - Sat 9am

Roster Volunteers:
Starter - Greg

Grid/Weigh -
Flags -

Timing - Rachael
Quads - Various Volunteers
Upcoming Events
19 Nov Sun Club Champ - Round 4 - Re-run
2 Dec Sat Presentation Picnic Day - Avoca Beach
Racing Photos

Photography Guidelines

Central Coast Speedway Kart Club (CCSKC) have adopted the following guidelines for all photographers wishing to attend race meetings at Gosford Kart Speedway.

Guidelines for all Photographers:

  • Anybody who is taking photos and selling them must apply for accreditation from Karting Australia. KA will determine whether they require separate insurance or will be covered under the KA insurance policy. Accreditation will only be granted by KA if the photographer is covered by the KA insurance policy or they have their own valid insurance coverage.
  • Proof of this accreditation will be required to be shown at each meeting.
  • Photographers from local newspapers or television stations who are covering a special event have insurance under state legislation and are therefore not required to have additional KA accreditation. An Official must be with them at all times.
  • All photographers are to present immediately on arrival to the Race Secretary’s Office to compete any necessary requirements to attend a CCSKC race meeting.
  • All photographers are under the control of the Clerk of Course and Chief Steward at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of all photographers to ensure they introduce themselves to both the Clerk of Course and Chief Steward prior to the commencement of each race meeting to receive all relevant instructions.
  • All photographers are to ensure they have their KA accreditation card easily viewable on each member of their staff. For example, attached to a neck lanyard and available for inspection by any Official on demand.
  • All photographers are required to wear a safety vest at all times during the race meeting. Vests can be provided by CCSKC and must be returned before leaving the circuit.
  • CCSKC retains the right to ban any photographer who fails to follow the instructions as given by either the Clerk of Course or Chief Steward. If a photographer has been banned from attending CCSKC race meetings they are banned regardless of whether they have accreditation or not. Any photographer who is banned from attending CCSKC race meetings will be promptly reported to the KA who may in turn remove their accreditation.
  • All accredited photographers have the right to access any external area of the circuit; however CCSKC retains the right to restrict access to any or all infield areas as directed by either the Clerk of Course or Chief Steward.
  • If required, photographers will be allocated a dedicated space to set up any display equipment as needed. This is done at their own risk. Central Coast Speedway Kart Club accept NO responsibility for the loss or damage to any equipment at any time.
  • Central Coast Speedway Kart Club reserves the right to amend the Photographer Guidelines as deemed necessary from time to time without notice.


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