Sat 11 Aug/KT 50 Lap Shootout

Mtg Setup - Sat ??

Roster Volunteers:
As per Member Facebook updates
Positions Needed: Grid / Weigh Marshalls, Quad Bike Riders, Canteen Helpers
Upcoming Events
11 Aug Sat KT 50 Lap Shootout - Twilight Meet
12 Aug Sun Practice & Come & Try Day - Bookings Reqd
26 Aug Sun Club Championship Round 6
8-9 Sep Sat/Sun Australian Speedway Titles
13 Sep Thu Committee Meeting - Davistown RSL 7.30pm
22-23 Sep Aust Speedway Titles - Spare Weekend
13 Oct Sat Club Championship Rnd 7 - Twilight
14 Oct Sun Practice & Come & Try Day - Bookings Reqd
Racing Photos

Practice Day - 13/02/05

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DCS_2149  DCS_2149
DCS_2152 DCS_2452
DCS_2155 DCS_2155
DCS_2156 DCS_2156
DCS_2157 DCS_2157
DCS_2158 DCS_2158 
DCS_2159 DCS_2159
DCS_2160 DCS_2160
DCS_2162 DCS_2162
DCS_2163 DCS_2163
DCS_2165  DCS_2165
DCS_2167 DCS_2167
DCS_2168 DCS_2168
DCS_2169 DCS_2169
DCS_2170 DCS_2170
DCS_2171 DCS_2171 
DCS_2176 DCS_2176
DCS_2184 DCS_2184
DCS_2189 DCS_2189
DCS_2190 DCS_2190
DCS_2191 DCS_2190
DCS_2197 DCS_2197
DCS_2199 DCS_2199
DCS_2200 DCS_2200
DCS_2204 DCS_2204
DCS_2206 DCS_2206 
DCS_2210 DCS_2210
DCS_2212 DCS_2212
DCS_2213 DCS_2213
DCS_2214 DCS_2214
DCS_2215  DCS_2215
DCS_2219 DCS_2219
DCS_2220 DCS_2220
DCS_2239 DCS_2239
DCS_2243 DCS_2243
  DCS_2247 DCS_2247
DCS_2258 DCS_2258
DCS_2259 DCS_2259
DCS_2265 DCS_2265
DCS_2267 DCS_2267



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Pre-Entries for all race meetings will be required for all meetings from 2017 onwards including pre-payment. Any payments on the day will have a late payment fee added.
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