Club Rd 4 Rerun - Sun 19 Nov

Fence Up - Sat 9am

Roster Volunteers:
Starter - Greg

Grid/Weigh -
Flags -

Timing - Rachael
Quads - Various Volunteers
Upcoming Events
19 Nov Sun Club Champ - Round 4 - Re-run
2 Dec Sat Presentation Picnic Day - Avoca Beach
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Club History

Proudly celebrating 19 years in 2017

It all began in late 1996 one Sunday afternoon in Magnolia Avenue, Davistown. Cleve Smith, who had previously raced Go Karts in earlier years, had two karts sitting in his garage; and this particular day decided to get one out and tinker. Across the road he went to see Allan Charlier, "Hey Allan, come and have a go in this". Allan jumped in the kart and took off down the end of the road and back, jumped out and said, "I have to get one of these".

Hooked! Within a week, Allan had one and then it was Jeff Pickering's turn; "Hey Jeff, have a go in this". Another one hooked and another kart within the 2nd week. Now Cleve, his son Mitchell, Allan and Jeff each had a kart and Cleve decided to approach the CCJMCC member that he knew, to ask if they could have a bit of a run around on the track when not in use on a Saturday.

Not long after Cleve lead the boys out track side for a real spin at Allen Park (Somersby bike track). Another Magnolia resident caught wind of the Go Kart thing, and yes, again a little try and 2 karts later that week, a total of 6 karts in the street.

Within 12 weeks of the little "Have a try of this" there were 12 karts in the street and other interest pouring in. Cleve suggested that a Club be formed and since it all began in Magnolia Avenue, why not start it from there.

An afternoon was set aside for the meeting to take place and Allan's garage was cleared and prepared for the meeting. Ideas were thrown around the table of this, the first meeting comprising of: Cleve Smith, Allan Charlier, Jeff Pickering, Alan & Karen Hann, Rhonda Pickering, Rick Williams, Rob & Jackie Brittliff.

Another meeting was held a few weeks later in Davistown RSL and the first committee was formed:


Alan Hann

Vice President:

Cleve Smith


Jeff Pickering


Allan Charlier

The club was officially registered in May 1998, while kart licences were being arranged, along with track licensing & inspections, organised practice days and finally the first race day soon after.

If not for the hard work of the people concerned at the crucial first meeting and in particular Cleve Smith, you would not be reading this today. Nor would you have spent so many weekends tinkering around the garage, repairing and preparing your Go Kart for the next race day, just to get that adrenalin buzz.

Cleve Smith - you have a lot to answer for!!!


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