Jun Dev Sat 17 Mar/Club Champ Rnd 2 Sun 18 Mar

Fence Up - Sat 9am

Roster Volunteers:
As per Member Facebook updates
Positions Needed: Flaggies, Grid / Weigh Marshalls, Quad Bike Riders, Canteen Helpers
Upcoming Events
17 Mar Sat Cadet/Junior Development Day
18 Mar Sun Club Championship Round 2
14-15 Apr Gosford Show - Display Stand
21 Apr Sat Club Championship Rnd 3 - Twilight
22 Apr Sun Come Try / Practice Day
10 May Committee Meeting - Davistown RSL 7.30pm
27 May Sun Club Championship Round 4
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Competition Classes

Club Championship Classes

This is a summary of the classes (with minimum weights, tyres and number plate colours) that will be competing in our Club Championship this year. For full details and Class Specifications please check Class Rules, Chapter 23 - Speedway, in the current Karting Australia rulebook.

Class Age Weight Tyres Numbers
Cadet 9
Yamaha KT100J restrictor plate AKA1A.
Vortex Mini Rok restrictor plate 16mm.
7-9 Comer - 90kg
Yamaha - 95kg
Vortex - 99kg
MG WT Red number on White background
Cadet 12
Yamaha KT100J restrictor plate AKA2A.
9-13 Vortex - 103kg
Yamaha - 100kg
MG WT Red number on White background
KA4 Junior - Combined
IAME restrictor plate 19mm.
12-16 Yamaha - 125kg
IAME - 132kg
MG WT Black number on White background
As KA4 Junior is run as a single class division, the weight is an average between Light and Heavy.
When run separate, a maximum kart weight of Yamaha-83kg & IAME-90kg applies to the Heavy class.
KA3 Junior (B Grade+) 12-16 Yamaha - 130kg
IAME - 137kg
MG WT Black number on White background
KA3 Senior Light (Clubman) 15+ Yamaha - 135kg
IAME - 142kg
MG WT Black number on Yellow background
KA3 Senior Medium (Clubman) 15+ Yamaha - 155kg
IAME - 162kg
MG WT Black number on Yellow background
For KA3 Heavy Class a maximum kart weight of Yamaha-83kg & IAME-90kg applies
KT100S Modified - Light 15+ 135kg As per list in Rules White number on Red background
KT100S Modified - Medium 15+ 155kg As per list in Rules White number on Red background
For KT100S Heavy Class a maximum kart weight of Yamaha-83kg applies
Sportsman Tag 125/Formula 100 - Restricted and Open (B Grade+)
(not eligible for Club Champ)
15+ 155kg Any commercially available Black number on White background

Class/Age Divisions

Please refer to Competition Rules - Chapter 4 in the current Karting manual regarding Competition Licences in the different divisions that are age related and/or experience related.

Minimum Weights

You need to use the scales supplied by the promoter of the event on race day, to ensure you are running correct weights for your class. Be aware weight variations may also be listed in the Supplementary Regulations.

The Weigh Marshals at all meetings must issue a Penalty Notification to any driver who does not meet the required weight. If for example, the class weight is 135kg, driver and kart must read 135.0kg or heavier. A reading of 134.9kg means you have failed to meet the correct weight.


For further information regarding size and placement of numbers, please refer to Competition Rules - Chapter 1 of the Karting manual.
Please ensure that all numbers on your kart are clean and clearly visible prior to each race.

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